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    TrackIT! 20.18 - Business Rules

    Lee Evans


      There is a lot of information around TrackIT! 20.18 so apologies if I missed it.  With the Business Rules functionality would be able to do the following;


      - Change a ticket back to Open / Clock started status when a customer replies to a Pending / Clock stopped ticket

      - Issues automated reminders (email/note) to customers/technicians of Pending / Clock stopped tickets which have not been updated for X days (I guess the issue here is that adding a note updates the last updated date!)

      - Automatically close tickets which have been Open/Pending without being updated for X days (again preferably with a reminder email first, if not maybe the ability to include a Resolution which explains why the ticket was closed)




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          Cris Coffey

          I believe you could accomplish the first item easily with business rules but I am not sure about the other 2. I would have to play around with the rules a bit and see if that could be done. The reason I say that is because rules are event driven. Something happens like an email received or someone modifies a ticket, which triggers a rule that makes something else happen. In the case of closing a ticket when nothing happens or notifying users that nothing has happened in a while, that might not be possible since there is no event. In those cases, the only event is the last action so it might be possible to do something on Tickets that are modified, to repeat a notification on some interval until the ticket is closed. OR, if the clock is stopped, to send an email repeatedly until something else happens. That may way.


          You may also want to consider looking at SLAs. You can set up Service Level Agreements and use the Milestones feature to send notifications. In that case you might do something like, send an email or update the ticket or both 7 days after the ticket was last modified, or 14 days after or 20 days. Or all 3. Probably a combination of business rules and SLAs will get you what you are looking for.