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    Export jobs into excel

    Souparna Chatterjee



      Can anyone explain the process of extracting all the jobs from definition to an excel in control-m v9?

      Quick response will be appreciated!

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          James Perrone

          Not sure what version you are on but there are two relatively east methods:


          1. In the GUI do a Ctrl-L and then go to File -> SaveAs
            1. and you will be able to export table as...... Excel
          2. You can also export the entire table as an XML file.
            1. Open the XML file in Excel and you will probably have more detail than what you need.  I like the XML method as it will also provide the in/out condition information.
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            Souparna Chatterjee

            Hello James,


            thanks for your reply.

            1st option does not apply to my solution as I want to find the AFT job details (source/destination wise)

            2nd option is indeed a lot of data as I am dealing with all the tables in CTM database together!