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    Can Smart Groups cause performance issues when used as targets for patching?

    Michael Gelinas

      Recently, we've started running into Blade Logic application server(s) performance issues with regards to patch remediation jobs taking a long time. I know this can be caused by many other factors like, catalog issues, download issues, application server OS level patches be applied, TLS rememdiation changes to app servers, proxy server TLS changes, repeater issues, etc...


      But there's a coincidence that I need to rule out. We recently (between last patching cycle, and this patching cycle) have introduced Server Smart Groups as targets rather than the original Server Static Groups being used. The Smart Groups are easier to manage, reusable month after month, and provide real-time representation of the underlying server property data (which we update regularly).


      My question is related to the overhead do Smart Groups put on the Blade Logic infrastructure (if any) during heaving patching remediation job usage?


      Mike G.