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    Bala b



      Am running a job to savelogs using  CTMLOG utility , it getting failed with below error, Kindly advice


      Select init status = FAILFor more information see log file ./proclog/u_ctmlog54\



      612 10:05:08.04 u_ctmlog940865: clientmsg_callback - CS-Library client message:

      0612 10:05:08.07 u_ctmlog940865:        context=(20byb234) connection=(2036ty789) severity(2) number(63) origin(2) layer(1)

      0612 10:05:08.07 u_ctmlog940865:        ct_results(): user api layer: internal Client Library error: Read from the server has timed out.

      0612 10:05:08.07 u_ctmlog940865: clientmsg_callback() - connection TIMEOUT !!!