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    Remedy -WS to Create Incident

    Mohammad Al Taj

      Hi Expert,


      I looking to create web service to create an incident, I Did the following:

      -  Create web service from the developer studio as the below screenshot


      - Edit server information as the below screenshot




      - Configured Jetty web server for REST API as the below Document and video URL :

      1. Configuring the REST API - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.0 - BMC Documentation
      2. Remedy AR System 9.0: Configure Jetty web server for REST API - YouTube


      But I faced the following error during postman test as the below screenshot :



      Note: I navigate this video :Remedy AR System 9.0: Integrations through REST APIs - YouTube


      Any Help Pleas ? 



      LJ LongWing


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          Sergey Smirnov

          You write username and password as Params - try remove and write in Headers page, like:

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            LJ LongWing


            You have SOOOOOO much in there that's not relevant and incorrect....please forgive this.


            1 - You created a SOAP Web Service, cool great, but you are trying to make a Rest Web Service Call....so this thing you created isn't used/necessary

            2 - You configured the server for guest access....that's cool if you want to do that, but completely unnecessary for any of the rest of the stuff

            3 - You configured Mid-Tier's Anonymous Web Service ID/PW...again, cool...if you were using SOAP Web Services, and you wanted to be able to use them anonymously....but again...you aren't using SOAP in your usage example, so not relevant to this effort

            4 - Now we get to your actual problem....you say you configured it per the videos (haven't watched them)....but then when you made your call, as Sergey indicated, you didn't provide the headers properly, AND you posted to port 8080, which isn't the default port, which should be 8008 if I remember correctly....and you need to make sure that you are hitting the AR Server URL, not the Mid-Tier URL because Mid-Tier is not involved with Rest Web Services


            I know that was allot to take in, but there was allot going on

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              Mohammad Al Taj

              Thanks LJ,


              I got your ideas and it's clear for my now.


              Let us keep going on the bellow :

              - i created WS from the Developer studio


              - created soapUI project and It's working fine.


              I think It's working fine now .




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                LJ LongWing

                Ok yea...I was confused about your use case, or maybe you were ....glad I was able to help straighten it out.