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    AR System 9.1.04 - new installation failed - see errors

    Shane Barber

      Hello! I did a fresh install of AR System 9.1.04. Everything seemed to be going OK but at the very end I got the message that AR System installation failed.


      Everything seems to have installed but the install log has errors. If I attempt to log into the web console, I get:



      I see 4 errors in the installation log.


      ERROR 1

        THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Error from RIKJ command],Detail=[ERROR (623): Authentication failed; ARSystem]}


      ERROR 2

        LOG EVENT {Description=[AR System Server  failed],Detail=[featureARServer]}


      ERROR 3

        LOG EVENT {Description=[[resultType=COMPLETED,exitCode=623]],Detail=[RIK command ( returned a RETURN code of 623, which was interpreted as a failure from RIKJ]}


      ERROR 4

        LOG EVENT {Description=[AR System Server  failed],Detail=[featureARServer]}


      Please let me know if there is any reason it would have these issues with the ARSystem account. I thought I was creating the credentials in the user input section so I don't understand why the authentication is failing for that user.