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    Trina Debnath

      Hello All,


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      Summary of Issue:

      I have some jobs which are failing and below logs are captured. I checked in BMC Community for the error "RETRY-SUBMIT" and came to know it is a bug of Control-M and fixed in Version 9.


      Overview :

      I am using Control-M/Server 8 but issue is with Control-M/Agent 7 fix pack 5

      Issue is with TIBCO server (XXXXX). All of the jobs running on it is using TIBCO connection profile.




      00:30:02 7/10/2018 SUBMITTED TO XXXXX  5105

      00:30:02 7/10/2018 JOB STATE CHANGED TO Unknown 5120

      00:51:13 7/10/2018 JOB STATE CHANGED TO RETRY-SUBMIT 5136

      00:51:13 7/10/2018 JOB STATE CHANGED TO Retry Submitted 5120

      00:51:13 7/10/2018 Job STATE CHANGED TO Wait Scheduling 5120

      00:51:13 7/10/2018 SUBMITTED TO XXXXX 5105


      Details Found in Community:


      CAR00045561 release note for version 8.0.00 fix pack 1 states that issue with cyclic jobs that fail with RETRY-SUBMIT is fixed and Article 000028107 states that this is a bug of Control-M resolved in version 9.0.00 of Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent


      But on further investigation I found that there are lot of old process running in the server as user "controlmagentuser" and swap memory is also high. I killed some old process and the agent was again good but this is now a Daily issue.



      controlmagentuser 23039     1  0  Jun 28  ?         0:00 csh -c "/software/path/path/path/tibcojre/1.6.0/bin/java"  -classpath "./cm/MSG/exe/ctmmsg.jar:/software/tibco/path


      My question is jobs are using connection profile but how the user "controlmagentuser" is reflected in the Agent as process user.


      Please help me understand this so that I can resolve this issue permanently.