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    Missing Flexera Titles - How to request additions?

    Steve Gibbs
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      I am working with a very large global customer that is a little frustrated that the Flexera Software Catalog is not fully populated with ALL the titles provided by Microsoft and Adobe.  What is the best method to request Flexera to be aware of these missing software installations?


      We know that there are devices with an agent installed that have been licensed/provisioned by Adobe Creative Cloud for these titles but still not showing.  We did a complete search of the catalog and those entries are nowhere to be found. We have updated the catalog to latest prior to running these tests. In the previous Catalog provider there was a process to request addition of missing titles...




      I am not sure if customer is expecting all Creative Cloud titles to be followed by "CC" to distinguish part of the bundled suite and that Adobe does not mark all titles that way? 



      Example: InCopy CC


      Not listed in Catalog: