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    Vendor Form not displaying any record

    Sharvan Singh



      We are facing a bit strange issue. we have 1 vendor form which stops working after upgrade to from  7.6.04. this vendor is using LDAP plugin to display records from AD.

      for the same AD server we have 2 vendor forms which are referring 2 different tables. one is working fine and another not working(not returning any record when i search instead gives warning message "No records found for your qualification) after upgrade to 9.1.04. Initially both forms were not returning any record after upgrade then I made some dummy changes on vendor form(added 1 more field from LDAP to vendor form) and it started working but 1 form still have the same issue.


      We have same configuration in one of our existing environment(7.6.04) and its working fine there but not on newly upgraded system 9.1.04. I tried to create a new vendor form using same table but still same issue.


      Any help please



      Sharvan Singh