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    TrueSight 11.3 not getting started

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      Dear Experts,


      I installed the TrueSight 11.3 as per comments mentioned on Installing the Presentation Server in the standalone mode silently - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Operations Manageme…  using -J MINIMAL=true argument.


      In logs it clearly says

      (Jul 04 2018 01:09:48.209 PM +0300),INFO,com.bmc.truesight.api.processprecheck.TSPreInstallUtil,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[validateAndLog - Skipped validation for availableSwapSpace_MB],Detail=[validation skipped from install(-force or -J Minimal=true) and forceSkip is allowed for this validation]}


      But after installation presenatation server does not start and throws the error

      tssh server start




      |   BMC TrueSight Presentation Server - Command Line Interface 2018 version 11.3.01         |

      |   Copyright 2014-2018. BMC Software, Inc. as an unpublished work.  All rights reserved.   |






      Starting server ....

      Checking system requirements

      You cannot start the Presentation Server until the following minimum requirements are met. Ensure that these requirements are met and then rerun the command.

      Total Physical Memory: Available 12287 MB, Required 32000 MB

      Available Physical Memory: Available 6796 MB, Required 25000 MB

      Available Swap Space: Available 3932 MB, Required 7950 MB


      Let me know if you faced and fixed this issue