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    Application details requirement

    Suraj Nair
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      We want to discover application that is hosted on server with it's version through ADDM 11.0.

      Currently it is showing processes/services running by that application and not the single application name.

      example:For a particular server in our environment with application SAP, it is showing 10-12 processes associated with it (SAP Central Services (ABAP),SAP Application Server,SAP Gateway).

      Is there any way to discover which application is running on that server rather than their processes/service.

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          Sreejith Sasidharan

          Hi Suraj,



          All the software instance names mentioned by you is automatically created by ADDM for you. You don't have to manually create sw instance from the processes.


          If it's not creating automatically I would suggest you to take a look at the respective TPL & their trigger condition to give you a picuture as in why the sw instance was not automatically created.

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            Suraj Nair

            Hi Sreejith,


            What you are telling is right that addm automatically creates the software instance.What i am trying to say is that i want deatil of all applications are installed on the server, like  addm should tell that SAP, CRM SAP SRM, OBIEE..etc rather than giving me the name of services.


            What i have mentioned above is the SAP services running on the one of the server.It shows running services on the server.