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        Abhijeet Teli


        I have seen few customers created CSAT reports,

        By looking at Datapoints in the report, it seems achievable, All you need to check is formatting of the Report, You may get slightly different output in SR. I suggest to make use Sections for appropriate formatting.





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          Shaik Sarkar

          Hi Abhijeet,


          Thanks for your reply.

          I tried to create the report but the I am not able get in Questions in Rows.



          I want to Convert this Questions into Columns If I try to using Sections for Questions it comes like this.





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            Abhijeet Teli



            It can be done through UNION,

            Lets take an example of Question, you have 6 individual fields in the database for Question you wish to fetch & combine the data of all 6 fields into one Single field called as question.


            You can do this by creating a 6 UNION queries, per question field.

            In union you need to map same number of fields as master query, Also make sure to apply desired filters in all query, as UNION is SET operator every resultset needs to filtered for required data.



            Eg; I have created sample report for two questions.


            In your report add a subquery, select type as UNION Basic and map corresponding question related fields to master query, My master query contains data for Question-1 & my second union query will be for Question-2 and thrird one will be for Q3 and so on...


            Output of the Report -



            Hope this helps, Please check at your end let us know.





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