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    How does the DISCOVERY work in a Gateway / Firewall / Router Discover??

    Edison Santos
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      Hi Guys, I hope everybody is doing fine!


      I have some doubts about how does Discovery works to Discover multiple interfaces from a Gateway / Firewall / Router.


      I have one equipment that is scanned via SNMP V2c through IP, Host AABBCCDD01, for example, and it has others interfaces that are classified as IPv4 Addresses in Discovery Database.


      One of these interfaces is configured with the IP, for example, and this IP is on my list of "No Access IPs". However, when I check the information about Host AABBCCDD01, the IP exists as an "IPv4 Addresses", information associated to this Host.


      If the Host AABBCCDD01 is correctly configured with SNMP V2C, should not be the SCAN response to the other IP as "Skipped (Optimizing on initial scan)", for example?


      If there is no Firewall between DIscovery and AABBCCDD01 for both IPs, why does it appear as "No Access" for IP


      Hope that someone could help me to clarify this question.