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    Dynamically identify scanning appliance from pattern

    Paul Hecker
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      I'm running BMC Discovery 11.2 and developing a pattern to perform discovery.runCommand from the scanning appliance perspective.  I can do this currently by statically identify the scanning appliance and running a search for it in the pattern so that it returns a node result.  However, I would like to identify the scanner dynamically in the pattern rather than statically.


      Using the report customization interface as a guide, I developed "scan_appliance := search(in host traverse InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess show reasoning_uuid);" which provides the UUID of the scanning appliance but it is not a node result as I received the error "RuleError on rule tpl_testing_body_1 due to: Error in action revisit_discovery.runCommand -- RequestError: Supplied target is not a node" when attempting to use the result with the discovery.runCommand.


      I also tried to search for scanning appliance using the UUID as criteria, "scan_appliance := search(Host where reasoning_uuid = %appliance_uuid%);", but if possible, I haven't worked out the proper syntax.


      Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can search for the scanning appliance as a node result in a pattern?