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    Cascading Analyze runs in Windows environment

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      I am running a daily collect-analyze-predict-populate script for about 8 servers in my policy and I have never seen analyze or predict to generate more than 3 threads - usually it is two threads. Is that a limitation. I am assuming that is the reason it is advised to define about 30 or so computers within a single policy and hence a single manager script. Please let me know if this is not a correct assumption and we can add more systems to the policy and a manager script and also analyze and predict modules can create more threads. Based on this limitation, I am thinking of scaling by defining multiple policies and thus running multiple instances of analyze at the same time using independent manager scripts. My Idea is to run 10 parallel scripts simultaneously with each script containing 30 systems. Also once these analyze runs are complete (say in an hour) fire off another 10 and then another 10. Can anyone tell me what are the pitfalls of such a strategy and what could be the possible limitations that I am not aware of. I would really appreciate any comments and help I can get. Thanks

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          The above message is about a Windows-based PMC

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            Your assumtion is correct.  At this time, a single Manager run will not take advantage of multiple CPU's.  I recommend a soft limit of 20-25 systems per policy file with any number of policy files per manager run.  Typically there is one Manager run per unique workload characterization file.

            You may certainly process multiple Manager runs at the same time taking advantage of a SMP system. The process you outlined will work fine except only schedule 1 run per CPU. 30 nodes per policy should work but keep the analyze times down to under 1 hr if possible.

            How many systems are you looking to process with 1 Manager? 1000?

            - Patrick

            Btw, I'm working to have this limitation removed so a single manager run can process all data for all domains with multiple .an files and proper use of system resources.