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    Question about use of non-CMA-Compliant custom KMs in TrueSight.

    Garland Smith

      When Central Monitoring Administration (CMA) is being used, CMA takes responsibility for PATROL Agent configuration for CMA-compliant KMs.  It does this by creating a special branch of configuration variables that are managed exclusively by CMA.  As I understand it, these variables are used to map back to standard configuration variables.  The only way I know to manage custom KM that is not CMA-compliant is to build the Agent Configuration variables directly using PCM  or possibly creating variables inside monitoring policies.  Since /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs is populated by CMA mapping from the afore mentioned configuration branch, what is the proper way to add in custom KMs.  In the past, you would add KMs directly to /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs.  If I add custom KMs to /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs, will my configuration be munged in with the value added by CMA?  In other words, is the value of /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs a composite of the /CONFIG_DATA/preloadedKMs and /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs with manual edits?


      I looked through the Best Practices webinar but didn't find anything that explicitly answers this:  BPPM 9.5: When to use CMA Policies vs. PCM Rules and PATROL (DOC-31860).

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          Patrick Mischler

          Hi Garland


          CMA-compliant KMs do not necessarily be mapped back to standard configuration variables. When you look at the configuration, you will notice that there are /ConfigData variables and in some cases /RunTime variables.

          However, you can add your not CMA-comliant KM in the Configuration Variables section of the Monitoring Policy by setting the /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs variable. This will be merged with the /ConfigData/preloadedKMs.




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            Garland Smith

            I believe certain variables are common between CMA-compliant KMs and custom KMs.  For example, /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs.  I believe the /ConfigData tree is used to manage configurations that are emanating from CMA.  However, I believe that they map into standard Agent configuration variables.  Is that not true?




            Also, if you’re currently using PCM, it is difficult to move from PCM to CMA because PCM offers a number of provisions that are difficult to emulate in CMA.  For example MERGE and APPEND.  Also, the fact that Agents can be included in various groups in PCM, gives you the ability to easily create a configuration that’s based on a composite configuration results from applying ApplyOnNew and ApplyOnApply rules from the top down in the navigation tree.  I don’t see any easy way to replace that.  I mentioned that in a separate post.




            Thank you,


            Garland Smith