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    Task Validation Rule

    Peter-John van Wichen

      I am trying to create a validation rule for tasks related to an service request.


      Requirement: For the task to be closed, the main service request must have a field filled out


      This is the formula I have.

      BMCServiceDesk__FKTemplate__c ="Template Name" &&

      BMCServiceDesk__FKStatus__c = "CLOSED" &&



      Thoughts on what I am missing?

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          Samruddhi Patil

          For comparing the name of the template and status you would need to use the corresponding Name field. Also the custom field API name should have an "__c" in the end.


          BMCServiceDesk__FKTemplate__r.Name = "Template Name" &&

          BMCServiceDesk__FKStatus__r.Name = "CLOSED" &&



          Hope this helps.