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    Problem with mcsvtodde & mposter

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      Good morning,


      I have a *.csv file with 4 columns and 5 rows; I would like to transform it in a *.baroc file.


      Then I would like add the data contained in to the file to a NEW CLASS (DEVICE INFORMATION for example) visible in TSIM Administrator Console.


      This is an example of a table i would transform:


      DEVICE INFO.csv


      ID          COUNTRY     CITY          POSTALCODE                    # <<< Names of Columns

      023       GERMANY     BERLIN     34657                                  # <<<  Entries of my table

      076       ITALY              ROME       00100                                    # <<<  Entries of my table

      128       FRANCE         PARIS       34575                                    # <<<  Entries of my table


      InkedScreenshot (1)_LI.jpg


      I would like transform my file DEVICE_INFO.csv exactly as it is without other information but only the information contained into my file