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    Not able to run migration.bat command for exporting monitoring policy after upgrade from BPPM 9.6 to TSIM 11.0

    Snehal Gangurde
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      Hi All,

      I am upgrading BPPM 9.6 to 11.0. Initially I have applied fix pack on BPPM 9.6 and then successfully upgraded to TSIM 11.0.


      I have registered TSIM in TrueSight console and imported both the repositories i.e. 9.6 and 11.0 in TSPS.


      Now I want to run migration.bat command to migrate CMA policies to Presentation console.

      But while running below command it is showing   “Option conf not supported “ message and usage message.



      C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\pronto\lib\DataMigrator>migration.

      bat export_policies -d "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\pronto\lib

      \DataMigrator\exported_policies.mo" -presentation_host m0657 -pres

      entation_port 443 -presentation_username admin -presentation_passwd admin12345 -

      sso_tenant *


      PFB Screenshot for the output of command


      Please suggest if anything is missing or any other way to migrate monitoring policy to PS.



      Snehal Gangurde