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    Change Management

    Michael Simmons

      Hello Track-It! Community,

      I'm currently running Track-It! 11.4 and received the following questions that I cannot find answers to and am requesting the communities clarification about current (11.4) capabilities.


      I know that the current Change Management Policy allows voters (Approvers) to make comments, but I cannot find definitive responses to the following questions:

      1. if we have a RFC that has comments, can we configure Track-It! to notify all the Approvers (for their situational awareness)? 
      2. can the vote be suspended if the comment needs to be adjudicated? 
      3. if an RFC is approved with comments, can the RFC be routed to a particular decision maker or Approver for the final ruling?


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

      Mike Smmons

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          Cris Coffey

          Hey Michael,


          In 11.4, when someone enters a question/comment, that information is sent to the technician assigned to the change request ticket who can respond to that user. There is no way to send that users question/comment to everyone involved.


          There is also no way to suspend a change request based on a certain type of comment. My guess here is the person making the comment would likely not approve until they receive a sufficient answer so the request is paused essentially.


          As for a final ruling based on the comments, the only way to do this would be to include a person responsible for reviewing all the comments so they can provide final approval always. 

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