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    What is the best way to associate multiple PATROL Agents with Monitoring Policies?

    Garland Smith

      Multiple Integration Services are needed for environments that have over 700 or so PATROL Agents.  What is the best approach to distribute PATROL Agents across multiple Integration Services?  Adding them one at a time is tedious.  Use of some combination of OS and host naming convention works if solid naming conventions are in place.  However, if there is no rigid host naming convention to leverage, is there a way to configure using something like a list or a file that contains a list of hosts?  A number of KMs employ this approach (e.g. remote OS monitoring).  I was wondering if something like that might have been included as a way to populate Agent Selection Criteria.  If TAGs are being used, this should be fairly straightforward using groups in PATROL Configuration Manager (apply TAG(s) to designated PATROL Agents, the TAGs can be used to marry PATROL Agents to policies (Staging Policies, Monitoring Policies, etc...).  I haven't seen anything like that in Central Monitoring Administration.


      Thank you,
      Garland Smith

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