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    SLA Start Time - Staff Response Time

    scot jelinski

      I need some assistance getting a SLA to work within our workflow. When a client responds to a ticket the ticket goes to an "Opened" status, thats our needs attention status. I want to set an SLA to ensure no ticket sits in "Opened" for longer then 1 hour. When trying to use SLA its calculating the 1 hour from Opened date instead of when the SLA starts. This creates a sla breach for every response that happens after an hour.


      How can i have the SLA use a different time then opened date? That seems like a easy way to fix this, just dont know if its possible.

      Thank you!


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          kedar zavar

          Why not use another status like "Waiting on technician" or "In Progress" , this way you will isolate this and you can use this for further logic like sending alerts or SLA  based on this status like start the clock .



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            scot jelinski

            If i was to use "Waiting on technician", how could i have it create a new SLA each time it hit that status? Each time it goes into "Waiting on technician" i would need a  1 hour SLA to start. It would be easy enough to just update "Opened Date" with each customer reply but that make create other issues. Wish there was an easy way to change the source time of the SLA.


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              Anne Brock

              Maybe use a time-based workflow rule instead?


              been too long a day to think about SLAs... will try to be more creative another day.

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                kedar zavar

                You can have separate SLA for waiting on technician. Set this as your SLA start clock status.

                However the ay your are trying to utilize SLA may not give you expected results,the SLA is applied to whole record not based on status so basically as end user if I create say P1 the response time is 20 mins and say resolution is 4 hours. In this it may go to different statuses however need to be resolved in 4 hours and respond withing 20 mins.


                If you are looking at just reminding staff that incident is due every withing an hour  time is goes on waiting on technician, you can add custom alesrts and formula like time remaining so status go to waiting on technician, set say Respond by field to   now()+ 60 mins

                Also show how much time is elapse , send alerts.


                SLA would be used to see over all status of record if we responded within that time or not.