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    Duplicate AST:Attributes Records created

    Juergen Dannerbauer

      Hello All,


      sometimes we encounter problems with our AST:Attributes entries on our 9.1.03 System.

      We perform daily imports via AI from multiple data sources and only sometimes the AST:Attributes of some CIs (not all) get created multiple times (from 2 to 18 entries created at the same time for the same Recon-ID).

      For our asset users it seems that the CIs are duplicated itselfes, but the CI in the core form only exists once.


      Because of the fact, that this is no regular issue and that it is night if it happens we are not able to catch the error in a API/Filter/SQL Log.


      Does anyone here have similar problems or any idea how to log this in a simple, space-saving way?