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    NE: Update Product Catalog for Computer System Class Only?

    Rob Presland

      So we have data coming in from discovery (or any source for that matter), placed in an import dataset. We want to normalize the data of course. However, for Computer System CIs, we want to add any new products to the Product Catalog, but don't want to add new products for other classes, such as Product.


      The justification is that if we bought the hardware, then that hardware needs to be in the Product Catalog, so NE can add it no problem. However, we don't want to add new Product Catalog entries for all the software that may be installed on that server, because we want to maintain a definitive list of authorized software (a DML), so Product Catalog updates for Product class need to be manually controlled.


      I am ware of the "Approved Product" and "Managed Product" fields on the Product/Company association form. However that doesn't govern NE, just gives us the possible ability to manage after the fact. I'd like to prevent it not deal with the aftermath.


      Anyone else have such a requirement? How did you address it?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Juergen Dannerbauer



          one possible way would be to create a "normalization dataset" where you reconcile the classes which should create Product Catalog Entries into.

          In normalization options, uncheck the flag "Allow New Product Catalog Entry" on your Discovery-Dataset and check it on your new "normalization dataset". then configure a normalization job on your "normalization dataset" to run after reconciliation.

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            Rob Presland

            That's an interest idea. To expand on it fully, I would create a dataset copy job to copy the Computer System CIs to the to-normalize dataset, then update the product catalog based on those CIs, then normalize the discovery dataset, and all the Computer System CIs would normalize perfectly, then reconciliation will merge all those CIs (we would allow create in the gold dataset), but will not merge other CI classes that don't normalize.


            Something worth trying. Thanks Juergen.


            I wonder if anyone else have ideas.

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              Carey Walker

              Rob, Juergen's idea and your summary steps are definitely a workable option.The issue is that NE controls the option to update the Product Catalog only at the dataset level, not class within dataset. I'm not sure if that has been improved in the latest versions of Atrium Core.

              You can kind of throw away the secondary dataset with just the Computer Systems in it after normalisation. The main dataset will be the one that does the whole reconciliation thing. Hopefully you don't find more classes you need to use in the same way as the CS CIs as it may get a little tedious.

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