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    9.1.04 new CMDB UI: Strange behavior with admin login (MT without RSSO) and AR server with RSSO integration - complete logout?!

    Stefan Hall

      Hi RSSO and new CMDB UI Experts,

      I've read, that RSSO and new CMDB UI is no problem (see here Everything that you need to know about accessing new CMDB UI) and played around a little bit. I'm not so sure about it.


      Slightly simplified scenario (AR/Core, RSSO 18.02):

      1 AR server with RSSO kerberos integration

      1 MT userfacing, with RSSO kerberos integration

      1 MT admin, without RSSO integration


      In the old CMDB UI world I could work with both MT without any problems. An automatic login via the userfacing MT and an ar admin login via the ar server to the other MT. Accessing the CMDB UI (NE/RE ...) no problem


      And then came jetty for users


      • Automatic login via userfacing MT with RSSO works
      • AR admin login via admin MT without RSSO also works,
        but when calling the new CMDB UI you see something of RSSO and instead of showing me the login page (BTW one of the new main problems using to different webservers), I'm completely automatically logged out


      That can't be right, can it? I don't need rsso integration for admin MT.

      When I discuss this with support, it is of course designed that way. However, the last time the support was not in the RSSO topic and the new CMDB UI is even newer.

      So I'm interested in your expert opinion and experience first and gether information, I can still open a ticket later.


      Let's go



      Raj Hiremath, maybe you can help