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    Control-M for z/OS availability report

    Andras Smeller
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      Hi there,


      is there any report to create for Control-M for z/OS availability? In the utility guide I didn't find any.


      Thanks for your answers.

      Have a nice day




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          Paul Robins

          I'm not sure that this is available for any Control-M Server regardless of platform...?

          Exception alerts might give you some indication of when a Control-M Server has disconnected, but there are no recovery messages generated so that doesn't really help.

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            Bentze Perlmutter

            Hi Andras,


            You can use the "data center disconnected/connected" alerts to get an idea of when Control-M for zOS was up down, but its not a full proof report.

            I.e. it indicates when the EM Gateway connected/disconnected to Control-M for zOS, but a disconnection doesn't mean 100% that Control-M for zOS was down.

            It can disconnect due to:

            - network issue between EM and zOS

            - EM issue (like EM DB full, down, broken)

            - etc.


            If you want a full proof report you probably want to use a third-party monitor like Mainview to monitor and report on availability of Control-M for zOS.




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              Adriano Gomes

              Hi Andras Smeller


              I agree with Bentze Perlmutter. The same way in Control-M for Distributed you can find on proclog.save directory the history of control-M last start and end messages, you can definitely on Z/Os CONTROLM task log get the same info from CTM STC job log.



              My Best.



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