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    Onboard a new Orchestrator

    Markus Maurischat
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      we run an CLM Environment in Version 4.6. Our original Atrium Orchestrator from this Environment is broken. So I'm trying to onboard another Orchestrator, but I don't get it right...

      What I've already done:


      • Configure the new AO in the CLM Administration (Configuration -> Confguration Options -> Storage)
      • Update StackInformation.properties
      • Update providers.json
      • Restart Platform Manager
      • Re-Onboard in SelfChecker


      After the updates and configuration, the SelfChecker Shows an error:



      What I'm missing?


      Some questions for the steps i've done:


      • Which service name is exactly asked in the StackInformation.properties? I took the service name, which is shown when I call this URL:

      • What is with the password for the AO user in the providers.json? I think, this must be also updated. What is the right way? Encrypting the Password with the BMCCloudLifeCycleManagementMaintenanceTool.sh under ../BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement/Utilities/?
      • What URL is exactly required? Only the CDP URL, or the web services URL?


      Thanks in advance