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    Creating an Archive System and DB for Trackit

    Mark Anvoots

      Current Config is a  Single Server= on a physical machine. My DB is currently about 30GB and has well over 2 million audit lines some dating back to 2007... (Don't ask me why, I wasn't the admin then). I have over 4000 machines I audit and run tickets against and would like to archive everything leading up to this calendar year. I would assume I need to set up a new TI instance.


      Is there a way to run an Archive system on the same AP/DB server the existing system is running on, ie: Can I set up a new DB and Tech client that only points to the new instance and still maintain the previous system? Can this be done without having to buy additional licenses as the old DB will not be running any new audits, tickets, etc.



      Any ideas anyone?

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          Brian Da Silva

          Hello Mark,

          There is no Archive function option in Track-It!. However, you can backup the database , delete the old work orders and other old unwanted stuff. In the event that you need to review something from the Old DB, you can spin up a test Track-It! system and mount that backed up database there long enough to access information.  If the attachments are necessary, then you'll need to back up your Repositories folder along with the database prior to doing your housekeeping.



          Brian Dasilva

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            Mark Anvoots

            Understood, but please remember, we have 4000+ machines and 60 technicians that are using the system on a daily basis, I don't want to have to spin up a new "Test" environment every time there is a historical question about a system.


            Can't both the old system and a new 2018 clean system be run side by side. Maybe make the old system only accessible via the Web Client?

            Or would I need to spin up a completely new system and load 2018 on that. How would the licensing go as the old system wouldn't be used to Help desk or inventory anymore, just historic data.

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              Cris Coffey

              Yes they can run side by side. Track-It! 11 in read only mode (turn off add permissions for technicians) and Track-It! 2018 in production.