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    Merge Fields in Email Alert on Closed Incident not working

    Seoid Ni Laoire



      I have set up an email alert to auto-reply if an email is logged in a closed CSR.  When I Send Test and Verify Merge Fields, the merge fields fill in correctly. 

      But when the email is fired from the workflow rule / email alert, the merge fields do not populate.


      Send Test and Verify Merge Fields

      Email Alert

      Any idea what's going on?



      Here is the VisualForce Template:


      <messaging:emailTemplate subject="Incident #{!relatedto.Name} (Ref:IN:{!relatedto.Name}) Incident Closed" recipientType="User" relatedToType="BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c">

      <messaging:htmlEmailBody >



      Dear user, <br></br>


      Incident '{!relatedto.Name}' was closed on:   <apex:outputText value="{0,date,M/d/yyyy h:mm a z}"><apex:param value="{!relatedto.BMCServiceDesk__closeDateTime__c}" /></apex:outputText> and therefore additional handling on this incident is not possible. 


      If you require assistance from Central Support, please raise a new ticket. Tickets can be raised via the Client Portal: https://helpdesk-aspiretechnology.secure.force.com.




      <b><i>NOTE: Please do not edit the subject line in replies.</i></b>



        Incident Details:



        <b>Incident Description:</b> {!relatedto.CSR_Slogan__c}<br/>

        <b>Client Name:</b> {!relatedto.BMCServiceDesk__Client_Name__c}<br/>

        <b>Open Date:</b> <apex:outputText value="{0,date,M/d/yyyy h:mm a z}"><apex:param value="{!relatedto.BMCServiceDesk__openDateTime__c}" /></apex:outputText><br/>

        <b>Network:</b> {!relatedto.Configuration_ItemL1__c}<br/>

        <b>Node:</b> {!relatedto.Node_with_versions__c}<br/>

        <b>Impact:</b> {!relatedto.BMCServiceDesk__Impact_Id__c}<br/>

        <b>Urgency:</b> {!relatedto.BMCServiceDesk__Urgency_ID__c}<br/>

        <b>Priority:</b> {!relatedto.BMCServiceDesk__Priority_ID__c}<br/>