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    CSV Import

    Derek Phillips
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      Trying to import csv data from command line (Detail node) and one of the fields is a list. 


      From tw_imp_csv - BMC Discovery 10.2 - BMC Documentation :


      "The ip_addrs field is a list and the value starts with a '[' character so it is converted into a list. "


      Is that all that's required for a given attribute in the source file to be treated as a list?  At the moment, all that happens is the field is imported, but as a single string, complete with square brackets and quotes.

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          Andrew Waters

          It is a little more complicated than that. It depends upon what is in your taxonomy.


          If you have an entry in the taxonomy telling the system it is a list of string it will do the conversion.


          If you do not have an entry (or it is the wrong kind) then it will not. If you have no entry and you using --force to bypass the taxonomy checking then everything is put in as a string.

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            Derek Phillips

            Yeah, I thought it would require a taxonomy definition/extension.  It wouldn't be a bad thing if the documentation was clear on this point - I know a lot of folks might not use the cli import, but still.