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    After Tenant Creation Not able to login with Hannah_admin

    Shreya Patel
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      Hello Experts,


      I am trying to install 18.02 DWP Catalog. I have reached to the step where we need to create Tenant with the help of post_install.sh.

      I was able to successfully create schema and the DWP was restarted successfully.

      After running ./post_install.sh create_tenant < tenant.txt at the end I got message as:


      [root@prd01-dwc-01 sb]# ./post_install.sh create_tenant < tenant.txt


      login as SaaS Admin (dwpadmin_prod)


      Successfully logged in as dwpadmin_prod.

      create tenant



            "name": "domain_prod",

            "domainIdentifier": "domain_prod.com",

            "databaseName": "dwp_db_tenant_prod",

            "directoryPath": "domain_prodcom",

            "virtualHostname": "prd01-dwc-01",

            "databaseAdminName": "dwp_admin_app_prod",

            "databaseAdminPassword": "******"


      Tenant data population in progress:  "activationStatus":"Successful"

      User to Person releationship is not enforced.

      create users


      ./data/users/beta_users/hannah_admin.json FAILED WITH THE FOLLOWING ERROR:



      [{"messageType":"ERROR","messageText":"Invalid email.","moreInfo":"","messageAppendedText":null,"messageNumber":12076}]

      Successfully created 0 users, done!


      login as Tenant Admin (hannah_admin@domain_prod.com)


      Your login failed, please check your username and password...



      Any suggestions on this or how can I remove and try to create tenant again.


      Thanks in advance.




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