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    Endless Taskgroup Loop

    Jan Avram

      It's possible to create endless loops within taskgroups. You can create these loops if you go in Administrator Console->Application Administration Console->Custom Configuration->Task Management System->Task Configuration->Task Group Template.
      For example: If you create 3 taskgroups(tg1, tg2 and tg3). And then you associate tg2 in tg1, tg3 in tg2 and tg1 in tg3. Finished, you created an endless loop.
      Attention: This will not work with only 2 taskgroups!!! The system rejects such loops, but since you use more then 2 taskgroups, the system will not be able to identify them anymore.

      If a user now tries to use these taskgrouploop, he will notice, that the client will freeze for at least 2 minutes. In that time, there will be around 350 taskgroups and lot more (800-900+) tasks created by the system. In logs occure a Time Out after 600 seconds.

      The result is a nearly endless chain of taskgroups which associate taskgroups and tasks, which ends abrupt.



      I suggest an improvement of taskgroup loopchecker to ensure that no user is able to configurate such behaviour.


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