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    Issue with BAO and Truesight Integration

    Rahul Zavare

      Hello Team,


      I am newbie in BAO.


      Here, I configured Truesight Actor and monitor adapters to receive events from BMC Truesight. Provided all the required details to Adapters and also, created a gateway entry in mcell.dir for Truesight Monitor Adapter. Communication is successfully established between Truesight and BAO Adapters on Port 1859 hence, I have send multiple events using msend utility to gateway. From msend outputs it appears that msend command executed successfully but I am not sure where to check at BAO end if monitor adapter receiving those events.


      Hence, request you to help me so that I can verify if BAO receiving those events or not.


      BAO version 8.0.00

      Truesight  version 11.0




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          Matthew Highcove
          1. Log in to Grid Manager.
          2. Go to Manage -> Peers.
          3. Select the peer with the TrueSight Monitor adapter and click the pencil icon to go to the "Edit a peer Configuration" screen.
          4. Click "Configure Logging".
          5. Change "Adapters" and "Adapter Framework" to "DEBUG".
          6. Click "OK", then click "OK".


          This enables debug logging for all adapters. This will record all incoming events for all monitor adapters on the peer and write them to the peer's grid.log file. It will also log any error messages the adapters receive. If you want adapter-specific logging, you can enable it in your adapter configuration.

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            Surabhi Shrivastava

            Hi Rahul,


            Please check CDP's grid.log for verifying the event details as following;


            <cell-name>pncell_ CELL-NAME </cell-name>


            |          |

            |          |


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