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    How to Use "customFields" Attribute when Creating User on CLM via ReST API

    Yudi Maryanto
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      In this document ( User class - Documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 - BMC Documentation ), it explain attributes for "User" class. I see no "Phone Number" in the listed attributes but I see there is "customFields" attribute.


      As far as I know, when we create "User" on CLM, the user data will be stored on "CTM:People" form on AR System. When creating user via CLM ReST API, I want to save customer phone number to "Phone number" field on "CTM:People" form. It seems that I can use "customFields" attribute on the CLM ReST API. But I cannot find any JSON sample of how to use this "customFields" attribute.


      The question is, Is it possible to use "customFields" attribute to save customer phone number to "Phone Number" field on "CTM:People" form? If possible, please give a JSON sample to use this "customFields" attribute