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    Patrol Agent issue with config variables /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs ,/ConfigData/AgentSetup/preloadedKMs

    Prashant Dhingra

      Hi, facing a strange issue. I have to setup monitoring through CMA, so i am pushing the preloadKM rule through one of the  policies . However on the Agent side I can see that there are 2 configs pushed for /AgentSetup/preloadedKMs, one without any entry and the other contains the KM's which i have pushed through the policy but its not taking effect as the blank policy is somehow deleting it. I can see that on the CMA  console through Agent view.


      I am confused as to why the changes are not taking effect and what is making the delete run.


      Snapshots give a better idea of the issue. I need a quick resolution. Appreciate the help.