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    How to Map Tenant to Network Container via ReST API on CLM?

    Yudi Maryanto
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      I want to update tenant and map it to network container by invoking update operation via ReST API as explained in this document Organization update request - Documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 - BMC Documentation 


      The guid of the tenant that I want to update is "AGHAA5V0GVW92APIPN05A5UEFTATO3" (see the image below)


      The guid of the network container is "39ca7d5d-8afd-4afc-a41b-de6644badc3b" (see the image below)



      You can see the update request that I sent to CLM ReST API below.



      You can see the response I got from CLM ReST API below.



      As you can see, no error was returned by the API call response. But when I checked "Resource Management" console and opening "Network Container - Map Tenants" window, the tenant "kun_xxxxxxx_id" has not been mapped to the network container (see below)



      So, how to properly update tenant and map it to a network container? What was missing from my ReST API call request?



      Thank you