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    What's the CIs lifecycle when integrating Atrium with BPPM ?

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      Hi all,

      after integrating Atrium CMDB with BPPM, how is BPPM supposed to know about CIs status set at on Atrium side ?

      I am thinking about a simple scenario where i'm publishing business services and their related providers from Atrium to BPPM.

      People managing CIs in Atrium might set computer systems or other CIs, which belongs to service models, to Decommissioned or other statuses.

      How would BPPM manage these changes ?

      It seems to me, according to a few tests, that those CIs which are decommissioned will be published to BPPM regardless of their status on Atrium.

      Shouldn't CI status be managed by BPPM or at least be kept in sync with Atrium ?