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    Plugin Server Configuration - Is it possible to comment-out or temporarily disable a plugin?

    Thad Esser

      We're new to ARS 9.1.04 (coming from 8.1) and I was curious if there was a way to comment out a plugin using the Plugin Server Configuration form?  On our 8.1 server, I would have just surrounded the relevant lines in the pluginsvr_config.xml file with comment tags like so:


      <!-- <plugin>


            <pathelement type="location">C:/Program Files/ARSystem/pluginsvr/aralerttwitter81_build001.jar</pathelement>


      </plugin> -->


      I did that on our 9.1.04 server, and after opening the Plugin Server Configuration form, it appears the system deleted those lines out of the file altogether.  In hind-sight that's not surprising.  But I'm curious if there's a way to disable/comment out the plugin, without having it deleted?




      P.S.  Yeah, the workaround would to be to copy them off to another text file and then just delete them.