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    Threat Director Scanner Connection Permissions

    Edwin Lindeman
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      Hey guys


      We're on BTD 2.2.02 and we've setup a scanner connection in conjunction with Tenable Security Center (Nessus).  We've tested the connection and it succeeds.  We've configured the Import Configuration starting everyday at 7AM and frequency (in days) 1.


      We checked the box to Select all and include new scans automatically.  However we're not seeing any new scans coming in and we talked to the security admin to verify our permissions and he says we should have access.


      My question here is does anyone know exactly the permissions that are needed on the Tenable Security Side?  The documentation basically states A user account with access to scans and permission to export scans. However I'm wondering if there is something we can ask our security guy specifically for him to check?


      Any insight on this is appreciated.