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    Web Driven Browser - HTTP status and Tokens

    Liran Tevet


      We're using the Web Driven Browser (SP 18.0 version) in order to monitor some of our Ajax web based sites.

      Since I'm more familiar with the low lever (HTTP) recordings I've got two questions regarding the Web Driven Browser capabilities:

      1. If I need to capture a token after logging in into our web site (Ajax based), is there a way do it?
           as far as I know and see the token data isn't stored anywhere in the code or can be parsed in True Log.

      2. I've been asked to check the HTTP status after the page has been loaded. The reason for this is to help our NOC team to identify the problem without accessing the True Log (propagate      the HTTPS status number into the TSPS event). Is it possible to in WDB?


      Thanks in advance,