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    SSD in hardware inventory

    Gabriel Andrey
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      Bonjour a toutes et tous,


      I'm looking to check if the 'hard drive' is an HDD or an SSD


      I know I could check the name for it, like "INTEL SSDSC2KF256H6 SCSI Disk Device" it's easy to make a query to check if 'SSD' is in the name, but ....


      When you have "THNSN5512GPU7 TOSHIBA" ... it's a bit pretty hard to guess it.


      So, I could make a OpRule with a powershell command (Get-PhysicalDisk), but that will work only on windows.


      Is anybody that have 'tips' for Mac OSX and LInux ?


      The other way is, maybe, integrate that media type "HDD" or "SSD" in the hardware inventory, will BMC do it in the next release ?


      Bonne journée a toutes et tous