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    How to prevent duplicate CI creation from Asset Management?

    Shawn Pierson
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      We have some process issues that I'm trying to create a technical fix for, so any suggestions along the lines of "retrain your users" won't really be helpful in this scenario.


      Basically, we have people manually creating duplicate Computer System CIs.  The process goes something like this:


      1. A CI is created through automation (Procurement or Discovery applications, depending on what type of Computer System.)
      2. A technician creates a CI record as well under the assumption that no automated systems are creating CIs.
      3. There are duplicate CIs based on CI Name, Serial Number, or some combination of those things and it hoses up Reconciliation to some degree since the CI with the manual data (e.g. location information) is not present on the discovered CI record, and the manually created CI record is missing discovered attributes.

      To resolve this, I've been looking into leveraging the Sandbox functionality ( https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac91/sandbox-views-and-datasets-609846460.html ) to protect the data from this scenario but with no success.  I've replaced the Identify Activity of the Sandbox Reconciliation Job on BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX to use a different Identification Ruleset that works great for preventing duplicates from my discovery tools.  After turning on debug logging on the Reconciliation Engine, I still don't see it trying to even use the job even though the sandbox is enabled and I have debug logging turned on.


      Does anyone have any better way of preventing duplicates using out of the box functionality?  I still want to use the sandbox to prevent users from overwriting better data coming from discovery tools but my first order of business is to prevent duplicates altogether.  As a last resort, I can probably get away with a Filter that does a lookup for an existing record meeting any of my criteria in the Reconciliation Job and if it returns something display an error preventing the record from being saved, but I'd prefer to go out of the box if possible.


      This is on ARS, ITSM, and Atrium 9.1.3.