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    9.1.03/04 MidTier Clustering with external Tomcat 8.5 doesn't work as described and expected

    Stefan Hall


      I've probably read everything in the last few days and tried even more, but it won't work. I need your experience.


      First, my expectations of the Tomcat Cluster

      1. session failover when a Tomcat dies (simulated via kill -9)
      2. session failover when I close a Tomcat (via shutdown.sh or simulated via kill)


      Point 1 works, but point 2 does not work despite <Manager className="org.apache.catalina.ha.session.DeltaManager" expireSessionsOnShutdown="false" ...>

      But first things first:


      Possible documentation error?

      When I use at the BMC documentation for tomcat clustering, it never works . I need to move the manager tag to the context tag of the arsys.xml file. Then it works. Is that the same for you?

      BMC Documenation => Copy the <Cluster> tag information from the attached file and paste it after the <Engine> tag in your server.xml file.


      Expectation 1 works and 2 never works - why?

      (1) If I kill the Tomcat process (point 1), the users can continue working with the same session at an other tomcat after a short wait, as soon as the loadbalancer notices the failure and reacts.

      (2) When I finish the Tomcat process clean (point 2), the users get an error message (session expired and/or authentication failed) from other tomcat.

      It seems as if all active sessions of the Tomcat are expired during the shutdown process - in the whole cluster. This contradicts in my opinion the parameter expireSessionsOnShutdown="false" and its explanation. I can also set the parameter to true or omit it completely, no change.


      Hope here are some tomcat fans on the way . Maybe you Amol Shah?