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    Sum of Number of incidents and number of work orders

    Matt Stringham
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      I cannot figure out why my report is having an issue with the Sum of number of work orders and number of incidents.  Here is my setup:

      version 9.1.04

      Basic report is Assigned Group - Assignee - Number of Incidents and Number of Work Orders:

      Filters are below.  The master query is Incidents and the sub query is work orders.  IN the work order sub-query the join is below as well (all are link to filter)

      As the first screenshot shows above for some reason when I create a calculated field called "Total Tickets" it does not sum the number of wo and number of Inc correctly.  Here is my total ticket:

      If one of the calculations is 0 then the whole total is 0 for that row.  Kind of odd.  In the Total Tickets column if I select "Calculated Total" then the column adds correctly. However if I manually add the total tickets column it is not correct for each line when there is a zero in one of the fields.


      I've looked at the settings and cannot find anything in the calculated field that would cause a 0.  I've tried several ways in the total tickets calculated field but I keep getting 0's.