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    Unintentional Approval Submission

    Ben Seba

      Hi Communities,

      Sometimes we will have a service request be resubmitted for approval without being prompted to do so. See the example here.


      The same approval process was replayed the same minute it was approved. This isn't intentional and I'm wondering if other people have seen this. It's not reproducible so I can't get much help from support.




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          Joshua Lenning

          We had a defect (81829) a few months back that has since been resolved, where a SR was rejected but immediately resubmitted for approval. The issue was eventually fixed but before it was, we had updated our Approval criteria to require Approved=FALSE and State Open=True. The state open is because we close a rejected record.  If there is a true defect, you'll likely still get an "error" recorded in Action History.


          Can I ask if you are on winter 18 Patch 2? or still on patch 1?  Am hoping this isnt introduced in Patch 2

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            Ben Seba

            I'm on Winter 18 Patch 2 but I've seen this in our environment for several patches now. Just got around to making a post about it since it cropped up again.


            I like the idea of adding an additional approval criteria of Approved = False. Seems like that should be a good workaround for now.