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    PATROL Agent Web UI - Monitoring Studio X - alpha - screenshot gallery

    Bertrand Martin
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      This is Monitoring Studio X (read: "10" ), in alpha stage.


      A few screenshot so that you guys can see what we're doing with the product. Please note that our Web designer and CSS master hasn't gone through all of this, so things will be styled in a different and much better way in the final version.


      Connecting to the PATROL Agent + Monitoring Studio Web UI:


      Main "Console" view (summary of the KMs loaded on the agent):


      Hardware Sentry KM is loaded:


      Look ma! A network card is disconnected!


      More details:


      The Windows KM "root":


      Health At a Glance:


      Events (in the PATROL Agent):


      Search in events!

      Easy (basic) configuration of the PATROL Agent:


      Easy preload of the KMs:


      Easy configuration of the integration to TrueSight Operations:


      pconfig on steroids!

      Browse, search variables and values:

      Download config (or parts) as a .CFG:


      Instant edit:

      Configuration backup (instant!):


      Debug the PATROL Agent (basic info, error log):


      PSL Process List:


      Enable debug in one click (and download the debug files!):



      And the best for the end:


      Exciting? I mean, EXCITING, right?!!


      Feel free to comment on what you like, what you dislike, what you'd like to see, etc.!