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    Web API discovery of Video & Media Devices

    Abhay Patil
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      Hello All,


      Could you please help me to understand the method of Discovery of such devices. E.g. TelePresence MCU 5320 is in supported devices list in Discovery 11.3.

      However I am trying for just different model using Web API. Basic REST API Credential test is successful. But when i scan the IP getDeviceInfo identify this device as unix.

      Let me know if I am missing anything.




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          Andrew Waters

          The TelePresence device you mention is scanned by SNMP not a REST API.


          There is no support for customers adding REST API use in getDeviceInfo. There are only SNMP recognition rules for custom addition to base discovery. Once you have a initial device then REST API can be used to add extra information.

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            Jon Trotter

            Andrew Waters, to piggy back on this thread is there any documentation on how the credentials are used to perform discovery using the API method? We are working with some Pure storage arrays and there are a number of calls that can be utilized based on the device documentation, but I am unfamiliar with how an API credential could be used to pull values from the device. It seems it would be necessary to define these device-specific calls to retrieve the device info, but I wasn't sure if there are any "real world" examples of how API calls are being made from Discovery to discovered devices we could use as guidelines for the additional discovery.


            Btw, these devices currently do not have SNMP configured correctly, so the initial discovery is not possible. I was more curious in general about using the API discovery features. Thank you!

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