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    Custom Layout Validation Rule

    Ben Seba

      Hi Communities,


      I'm having difficulty creating a validation rule for situations where a custom layout should and shouldn't be used. We would like our custom Task layout to be only used for Problems. So far I've tried the following two formulas but I'm still able to create and link a task to an Incident and switch to the custom layout.


      (NOT(ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__FKIncident__c)) || NOT(ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__c))) &&

      BMCServiceDesk__RF_FKLayout__c = "Preventive Action"


      ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__FKProblem__c) &&

      BMCServiceDesk__RF_FKLayout__c = "Preventive Action"


      Any ideas?