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    SRM - Execution of actions through integration

    Hellyson Lima
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      We create an integration for opening requests, basically the integration receives via WebServices in the custom form (RF001_SRD) the title of the request, the requested by and the requested for, in another custom form (RF002_Questions), receives the name of the question and the answer of the question, the following validations occurs:


      • Whether the title of the request is valid;
      • If the requested for can open the request;
      • If the requested by can open on behalf of requested for;
      • If the question is valid;
      • If the answer is valid.


      After successful validation, it generates Req and returns in WebServices. All the integration works well for about two years ago, but since the beginning, it had already been clear that there would be no validation of required questions or execution of actions.


      After these two years, we received a new demand regarding the need to execute the actions and after analyzing, I did not find a way to do this.


      Does anyone have any ideas?