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    Who have use CLM provison Suse12 Linux on Vcenter

    Zhaoxian Li
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      We have encouter a problem: when we provision Suse12 in Vcenter through CLM ,the gateway cannot config correctly, anyone who have provision Suse12 successfully?


      1 environment:

      Vcenter version :5.5 U2

      CLM version:4.6.05

      BSA version:8.7

      Suse Enterprise Version: Suse12Sp3

      2 Problem:

      We can provison Suse11 successfully, but Suse12 was falied, the vcenter can also manually deploy successfully. CLM can config Ip address, but the gateway is not take affect, the route -n command show that, there is no flag with UG.

      when I use BSA vm deploy job manually, it still cannot config the right gateway.


      the CLM matrix not support suse12Sp3 so far,anyone who have some measures ,please help me ,thanks.



      -------------------new update--------------------

      Actually I think this is a BSA problem, while BSA excute Deploy virtual Guest Job lead to this problem


      In the /var/log/vmware-imc/toolsDeployPkg.log(see the attached log file)  ,the "GATEWAY = " have configed twice.

      But in the Virtual Guest Job we only config one NIC with this gateway(see the attached pics)

      So, I think there is must some confusion when bsa send this job command to vcenter.


      BSA Version: !


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